Fantastic Web Comics!

Have you ever thought to yourself, there just aren’t enough graphic novels out there to satisfy me? Have you ever been waiting foreverrrrr for a new comic to come in at the library or bookstore? I have a fantastic solution for you: web comics! Web comics have become extremely popular over the last few years, and artists and authors have been using the online format so that they’re able to get their work to their readers much faster.

While you’ll still have to wait for the most recent installments, this list should give you plenty of comic archives to start. I highly recommend getting into some of them over the holiday break!

Magical Boy Basil: Told by best friends Rebeckah Murray and Jill Marie Hackett, Magical Boy Basil is the story of a teenage boy who was completely average… until his family moves into a giant old haunted house in the town of Tanglewood. The art and the story make for a fun, mysterious ghost story.

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo: Written and illustrated by Drew Weing, this story is about a boy named Charles who just moved to Echo City. Unfortunately for him, Echo City is teeming with monsters! Fortunately for him, Echo City also has Margo Maloo, Monster Mediator – she always knows what to do, no matter which creepy ogre or troll is trying to get to Charles.

Gunnerkrig Court: Written and illustrated by Tom Siddell, this long-running comic follows the supernatural adventures of Antimony Carver and her friend Kat Donlan at a most peculiar boarding school. Archaia has published several volumes.

Wonderlust: Wonderlust is a new webcomic by Diana Nock set in the fictional city of Wyeth, MA. It’s a longform spooky slice-of-life adventure starring a girl named Sally Kalloway as she grows up and learns the true meaning of Halloween! (Sally’s a little too smart for her own good sometimes, and that can complicate things.) Recommended for ages 13+, but no objectionable content.

Breaking Cat News: A trio of cats report breathlessly, CNN-style, on the doings of the people in their house in this hilarious gag-a-day comic. Andrews McMeel will publish a version this year.

The Abominable Charles Christopher: The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim-witted yeti through a forest full of colorful animal characters.
Who is Charles? Where did he come from? Where is he going? He knows about as much as you do – probably much less, actually – and his adventure is just beginning. Written and illustrated by Karl Kerschl, this series is just silly fun.

What are some of your favorite comics?

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